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Saturday, April 11, 2009

iDrive Portable Hard Drive

I recently was lucky enough to win an iDrive Portable Hard Drive from http://www.idrive.com/. The cool prize I won? I free 320GB Portable Hard Drive.

When I opened the packaging for the iDrive Portable I was surprised by its small size. I’ve seen Smart Phones that are bigger than this hard drive. It’s easily small enough to slip into your jacket pocket.

The drive is recognized moments after I plugged in the USB cable (no other cables are required). A couple of clicks and the iDrive backup software was installed to my machine. It can be installed on multiple machines making it perfect for home backup or for moving between locations.
You couldn’t make this much easier to use. There’s help included but its all very straightforward. I selected my My Documents folders and within 30 minutes all 29GB of data was backed up onto the iDrive. We then plugged it into my husband's laptop, and did the same with his hard drive.

Then we opened up the drive, and it was neatly broken into separate folders for both my and my husband's computers. Making it easy to backup a couple different computers or laptops, and keep them completely separate.

The iDrive is an amazingly easy to use piece of hardware. It doesn't require a PhD to operate, and makes backing up almost painless...which is why most of us don't do it. And coming from someone who's computer recently died and almost lost EVERYTHING, this thing is great for peace of mind.

You can set it up to do automatic backups, and if it's scheduled to run and not attached to your computer at the time, the next time you plug it in, it'll run the backup for you.

The iDrive Portable sells for $69.95, which is a great deal. It's no more expensive than larger external drives, but offers the flexibility of being able to carry it around in your pocket all day because of it's small size.

Fast, small and easy to use. What more could you want from a portable hard drive?