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Thursday, January 7, 2010

You are what you complain about

There's a battle going on in Twitter-land, that makes me almost want to unfollow most of my follow list.

The participants are all women in their 30s and 40s with children of their own, and they're acting like teenagers bullying each other in the hallway.

I do not pretend to know everything that is going on, because I use the internet for FUN, not another drama to add to my life, but here are my thoughts (like you asked, huh? LOL)

1. If she had a house with a pool, why wasn't there a fence around the pool? If there wasn't a fence, why would she let him wander off while taking pictures of farm animals?
2. If she wanted privacy, why was she on twitter moments later, tweeting and then getting people to pay for her child's funeral expenses? When you start asking people to pay for things for you, you open yourself up to criticism. It sounds mean, but it's true.
3. As for the "mob", you're mad because someone posted something you didn't agree with. You say she was picking on your "friend." I can understand that, but aren't you all just doing the same thing? Ganging up on someone and picking on them? And I've read some of the posts. You are laughing about making death threats against her. Really mature. Your mad because she is profiting off a child's death. Well, sorry to say, the mother profited too, she got people to pay for a funeral for her.

I once read something, that everyday I am more and more convinced is true... You only let things bother you that deep down you believe at some level to be true.