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Friday, July 22, 2011

They said what??!! – The mommy-cising of Jenn

I always thought I was “with it.”  The fact I just said “with it,” shows how NOT “with it” I am, but I digress.  I have always liked the popular music.  I remember dancing to “The Thong Song” when we were at Ocean City on our honeymoon.  I love Ke$ha and Lady Gaga.

Today while listening to AOL’s Party Hits station, I realized I’ve become mommy-cised. 

Pitbull’s “Motel” came on.  I love the chorus “Hotel…Motel…Holiday Inn…”  But as I’m listening to the lyrics, my thoughts were “hey, wait a minute, this is a bit too graphic.”  The lyrics disturbed me so much that I had to skip the song.  When this song came out, I played it all the time (when the boys weren’t in the car).

Listening to today’s pop music on the radio, I find myself doing this a lot lately.  It used to be that I didn’t play the music when the boys were in the car, but when they weren’t, I’d blast up the volume and sing along.

Has anyone else been mommy-cised when it comes to music?

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