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Monday, February 6, 2012

Autism and a "normal" life

Last night we watched "Glee" and Will went to Emma's his parents and ask for their permission for him to marry her.

They said they would not give permission to Will because of Emma's OCD and how debilitating it is and how they did not want Will to have to live a life with someone so excessive and how impossible it would be for everyone to live with her. 

I even had made the comment when she was cleaning the Christmas ornaments with a toothbrush that Will was voluntarily signing himself up to live a life like that.

After having some time to think about it is it really much different than having a child with autism?

Lifet with Jamie hasn't been easy, and many times is a pain in the neck. 

But would I really want to deny Jamie the right to have a normal life like everyone else because it might  inconvenience someone?

As a parent your first thought is it's not their fault they are and I am going to Love them regardless.  Is it really that different than learning that someone you have fallen in love with has a problem that you need to work around?

Even if you don't have ASD, or depression, or OCD.... everyone has problems.  Everyone comes with baggage.  Is one really worse than the other?

Jamie isn't easy to live with.  Heck, I'm not either.  But if you love someone, you love them regardless.  Everyone has the right to live a life full of love and acceptance.  If you can't deal with it, then leave.

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