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Saturday, February 25, 2012


In the winter, I get chapped lips, really chapped lips.

I have tried everything.  

  • Chapstick, which was fun to bite the cherry taste off my lips, leaving them more chapped.  
  • Carmex which is like putting wax on my lips. 
  • Nivea that tastes medicine-y
  • Vaseline brands that are just too slimey
  • and the Blistex Roller balls.
The roller balls were nice, I guess the ball just felt comforting.

Then I found Burt's Bees.  

Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it always seemed to work.  The winter I started using it, no chapped lips.  I use it year round, no chapped lips.  Perfect!!

Then the last couple of weeks have gone by.

I have a cold that has been going on for over 2 weeks.  It's brutal.  I look like Rudolph.  And for some reason, my lips have gotten incredibly chapped.  Burt's Bees weren't cutting it.  I even tried Burt's Bees "Ultra Conditioning" lip balm.  Nope, it still didn't help.

The other day I was in the store, my lips so chapped, they were raw, aching, I could feel sores on my lips.  

And I saw Chapstick Medicated.  I wasn't completely sold, but I was highly interested in the fact that not only was it was softer than the usual chapstick, to make it easier to go on my damaged lips, but also had an External Analgesic.

It contains camphor, cooling menthol and phenol to relieve pain.  The minute you put it on, you feel full coverage of your lips.  And then you feel tingling.  I can't say the tingling makes your lips better instantly, and I did wonder if the tingling just makes you think that it's working.

But, I can say in the 3 days I have been using it, quite generously, the raw spots have gone away, the big scab that was forming on my bottom lip is now just a chafey spot, and my lips don't hurt anymore.

I even went out today to buy another one, so I have one at my desk and one in my purse.  And most likely, because I get addicted to these things, will buy more for medicine cabinets and the like so I will always be able to find it when I need it.

In WV, you don't get the brutal winters, in fact we've hardly had one here.  And I probably will continue to use my Burt's Bees, BUT I am really impressed by how well Chapstick Medicated works.  

If you are battling the winter/lip blues, go out and buy a few sticks of it, you will feel an improvement in hardly no time!

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