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Monday, February 6, 2012

Friends and connections

It's amazing how you can connect with people. Many moons ago (like 10 years), I had a great group of friends that most of them I'd never met. We knew each other from forums and then we all lit up LiveJournal like a Xmas tree.

We were all so invested in each other's lives, the ups, downs, miscarriages, cheating spouses, etc.

The boys came, and I sort of got lost. Way too busy to post on LiveJournal. Way too tired after working and taking care of boys to post, to keep up.

When Facebook came out, it was my chance to reconnect. And I did, sorta, with my friends. But apparently Facebook has decided to only let me see what it wants me to see. grrrr

Tonight I found out that a very dear friend of mine had her whole life turn upside down the last 2 years. She stuck with school, graduated, is in a career she loves, and has moved on from the man who was never any good for her and I hated what he put her through.

My first reaction. I almost started crying. I knew her struggles, her pain, her trying to hold on because of their son, the agony she was in. To look back over pictures of her the last year with pure joy and happiness radiating from her face, to talk to her briefly tonight and see her happy... My heart is so full. I'm so happy.

Alot of people think it's impossible to be good friends with someone you've never met. It's not. Sometimes not having the person in front of you allows you to open up more than you usually would.

And besides, I met my hubby on the net :)

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