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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fox's show "Touch" and parenting special needs children

I'm DVR'ing "Touch"

Just momentarily caught about 30 seconds where they want to put him in a "boarding facility" 15 miles down the road and Keefer is fighting it.

I'm so so glad I'll never have to make that decision.  I could never send my baby away, even if he couldn't talk.  

I guess I was just raised differently, or being that it took so long to get pregnant, I have a different view of things, but I could never abandon my children.  And I know that word is very "divisive" among parents of children with special needs.  

I know in their heart of hearts, most don't feel they're abandoning their children.  They're hoping to give them a better quality of life than they believe they could.

Life isn't easy. Life sucks in most cases.  But seeing my babies smile at me, tell me they love me, and on the rare occasion of getting a hug or kiss.... I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Being in the position last year of being told to choose between my job and my family, it just brought home how important my babies are to me.  I would move heaven and earth for them if I could.

I'm sure one day they'll think I'm the worst parent that ever lived, but I hope that they can at least say they never doubted that I loved them.  And as a parent, isn't that what we all strive for?

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