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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Presidents, can you name them all in order?

I've talked before about Jamie and his fascination with presidents.  He knows them by name and number.  He's recently started memorizing which years they served.

He's always been interested in Abraham Lincoln.  Friday night we watched a show from the History Channel about his Lincoln's assassination.  Something a 30 year old would be interested in, but not a 7 year old.  He sat there for the whole hour watching raptly.

today at Antietam, there was a booklet about John Wilkes Booth.  He grabbed it up.  Apparently they have a tour where you can go visit his escape route.  Jamie is very interested in it.

I love how interested he is in this stuff.  This boy is going to be smarter than me before he's 12.

Iain, he had fun at the battlefield, but would have preferred to just run around yelling.  We've decided he would have been great shouting orders to the regiments. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

When "Glee" "lost it"

I love the show Glee.  Truly I do.

But I have to say that the last season, the only reason I continue to watch is because of Darren Criss and his role as Blaine on the show.

There have been some times this season where I think the producers have totally lost their mind.

1.  There's a kid from Ireland on the show.  What song does he sing?

2. Quinn is in a car accident and is in a wheel chair.  What song does she sing?

3.  The Michael Jackson Episode. Trying to recreate "Bad" about competing song choirs??

And don't EVEN get me started on the Christmas Episode!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Song Remakes that Are better than the original

I love music.  It's like in my DNA.  I personally think it's from my grandmother, who passed it to Dad, who passed it to me, who passed it to my children. 

While driving in the car today, I started thinking of some of my songs on my iPod that are remakes of songs, and that I personally think is TONS better than the original.

Gus - Don't Fear the Reaper

Hugo - 99 Problems

Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind

Gary Jules  - Mad World

Matthew Morrison & Neil Patrick Harris - Dream On

I could do this all night. :)  This is Part One.  :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

MOO Business Cards

Always heard people raving about MOO, but didn't know what they looked like.

I recently scored a MOO Perk from Klout.com.

These are phenominal.  Very professionally done, beautiful cards.  Don't want to give them out!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab

I recently wanted to try the new CoverGirl and Olay to Tone rehab foundation.  because unfortunately, the matter how much I fight it, I am getting old.

COVERGIRL & Olay combine foundation and hydrating serum to cover fine lines and wrinkles and helps hydrate to improve skin tone over time.

My experience with this product has not been very positive. First, you can choose from different tones/colors. I spent a long time debating over which one I should get. I finally settled for creamy natural. One recommendation that I would make, is that you figure out you think your tone should be an and buy two tones lighter than the color.

The color went on way too dark and there is no way that you can successfully blend it into your neck.  it also leaves her face feeling gooey.  It wasn't so much tacky, but very heavy on your face. It just felt very uncomfortable to wear.

And one of the reasons I wanted to try this, is because of the claims of helping with the wrinkles and evening out your skin.  I found that this product makes the wrinkles worse.  I never really considered that I had laugh lines, until I used this foundation today. The foundation was so cakey, that when you would smile there would be a permanent crease in the foundation that just amplified the laugh lines.

I came home and immediately used makeup remover on my face. My face still felt icky.  I then use soap and water and scrubbed my face. It still feels icky.  I think part of the reason I cannot get this foundation off of my face, is the Olay Serum that is used has already penetrated my skin.

I have not been impressed with this product, and even though it cost almost $10, I am throwing it out.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Autism awareness month

I'm not about to get into the whole religion thing.... but I do find a measure of comfort that the plight of people on the ASD and their families are being recognized by the church...

Even if I disagree with a few choice words in this statement, such as suffering . 

I recognize I am lucky, my children are very high-functioning, but I don't see them as suffering. Maybe in lack of understanding and compassion, but not suffering.

And I know there are those families who have a much stronger load to bear than my husband and I, and I can't speak for them and their thoughts...

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