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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

James Ellroy and Black Dahlia

I watched a show on Netflix (Feast of Death) recently about James Ellroy.  He talks about his mother's murder and the effect of her murder on him, how he grew up, the emotional abuse his father laid on him.

He also talked about the Black Dahlia case.  He's like so immersed in it, he knows it inside and out.

During the show, they had him and some LA detectives having dinner together, talking about his mom's case, and a writer friend of Ellroy's was there, and made his argument for who he thought the killer of the Black Dahlia was.  

There was a thread you had to closely pay attention to, and at any point the cops could have lost that thread, but damn if it didn't make sense.

You should definitely watch it on Netflix.

I'm reminded of that show now, because I'm watching Mysteries at the Museum, and Ellroy is doing his thing about the details of the Black Dahlia's death.

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