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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Naturalizer Shoes -- Horrid Customer Service

I won a pair of shoes following 3 weeks of constant advertising on a blog. They refuse to honor the prize & give me the shoes. On April 7th, the blog started a contest wherein they would advertise the heck out of Naturalizer through all forms of social media (twitter, facebook, blogs, email sign-ups) for 2weeks. In return one winner would win a free pair of naturalizer shoes.

On April 21, I was notified that I had won the free shoes, and supplied my info.

On May 1st, I receive a UPS package from Naturalizer with a card that says I'm entitled to a free pair of shoes with a coupon code. I placed the order on May 1. By May 10, I hadn't seen a change on the website as to the status, and called Customer Service. I was told that I had to wait 10-14 BUSINESS Days before I should be "concerned."

I called on Fri, May 18 to be told that my order was cancelled on May 9th. I was told the money was refunded to the credit card. I explained I did not have a credit card used for the purchase, I had a promo code. They said they'd get a new promo code sent to me within 24 hours.

On May 21, I called again, and after being on the phone with them for a half an hour, I was told that sometime in the next week I should get a new promo code. Meanwhile I've had nasty interactions with whoever runs their Facebook account, basically telling me to get over it. Naturalizer received 2 weeks of free advertising on twitter, facebook, and blogs and had over 165 entries to a contest, and now they refuse to honor their obligation of providing the shoes.

Since Naturalizer refuses to honor their commitment, and give me the shoes I won by way of free advertising, I have filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau.

I would suggest any bloggers that are thinking about doing a contest with them, think long and hard, as they refuse to honor their commitments, suck up the free advertising, and then don't provide the winner with the shoes as promised.

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