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On My To Be Reviewed Pile!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Most of us take for granted the process of making friends.  Of the introducing yourself to a stranger, and getting through the small talk to make a friend. Of learning the things to say and not to say to a new friend, the way to act and not to act toward a new friend.

Then you have a child with Aspergers.

Jamie has always had a rough go.  He was almost kicked out of pre-K because of his anger outbursts, and quite understandably, no child wanted to be his friend, for fear of getting beaten up by an irate Jamie when things didn't go his way.

Last year, with the diagnosis, and the social skills classes, we watched Jamie change. Last year the majority of the kids at the birthday party were Iain's friends, not Jamie's, but he had decided he wanted a friend.

This year at his birthday party, the majority of the kids there were Jamie's friends, not Iain's.  Watching Jamie interact with his friends was terrific.  He would play with them, they laughed, and when he needed a break, he'd leave, and no one took offense.  This was where I met his friend.

The kid seemed a bit out-going, but also had some Aspie traits I recognized.  Jamie talks about this boy all the time.  They started trying to figure out where each other lived.  They were convinced it was the same street.  I asked Jamie to ask his friend if he'd like to come over for a sleep over some time.  My thought was if he didn't, I didn't want to email his mom and then have Jamie's heart break when she said no.

This week he's been asking about the boy alot.  I emailed his mother.  The boy has been talking about Jamie and misses him as well, and the mother thinks a sleep over is a great idea.  They'll be gone for the next 2 weekends, but we're going to set something up when they get back in time.

Jamie is so excited.  He keeps asking to read the email from the child's mother.  Then he's upset because he won't get to see his friend for at least two weeks.

Can I say that this makes me almost want to cry?

He's FINALLY making friends!  He's going to have a friend come spend the night!  Oh how far he has come in the last 4 years.  I'm so proud of him.  I'm proud of the other boy for seeing past Jamie's peculiarities and making friends with him.

I'm also scared to death the boy will break Jamie's heart.  This is such a big step for Jamie.  I don't want him hurt and deciding not to put himself back out there again and face rejection.  I also know if he is rejected, it will be hell in this house.

So now, I'm happy my baby has a friend, other than his brother, happy he will get to see him shortly, and ecstatic my baby wants to have a friend spend the night.  Do normal 7 year old things.

Keeping fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Big Day out

I'm a tired mommy tonight, but a happy one.

The boys got to do their first carnival.  I've wanted to do it before, but with the bright lights, loud noises from the games and the waits in line for rides, I knew Jamie would never be able to handle it.

Today was great. The people at the church were really nice, and I talked to the guy who runs the carnival, and he said he hoped he could do it again next year.  The guys running the rides were really nice, I thanked a few for coming in to work early so our kids could do this. 

It was just a great afternoon.  We were there for over 2 hours, which would NOT have happened if they were there with everyone else. And I watched this young boy in a wheel chair, being able to ride the rides.  Between his father and the carnival workers, they got him on the rides.  He had a huge grin.

I'm so thankful I found our local autism group.  They have gotten to experience things, they don't get to do, Jamie gets to see his friends from school at these events, and it's just so great to see him scream with happiness.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

You never know the thoughts of others....

There is a story I'm following closely locally.  I went to school with the defendant.  I would have never imagined him capable of this.  He rode my school bus, we have mutual friends.

And in the initial reports, they never said he emptied two clips into the victim.  And his being calm, calling 911.  He knew what he was doing, but was he really sane?

I get so tired of people copping an insanity plea to get out of the death penalty when they murder someone.  But I truly believe in my heart of hearts that the military does something to people who aren't mentally strong to begin with.  He was a Marine, he served in Bosnia.  I have to believe that it broke him mentally.  He wasn't the most sane cookie in the jar to begin with.  I guess that's why I can't believe he'd do that.  I didn't think he'd have it in him.

I feel so sorry for his victim's family.  And for his own.  His children having to go through this trial and hear things about their dad they shouldn't have to.  And I know his father is absolutely shattered by all of this. He's still trying to figure out how his son did this, trying to pay for legal costs for his son.

It's just so sad.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miley Cyrus

So Miley Cyrus is engaged to her boyfriend.  

People are asking if she's too young to get married, what example will this send, etc.  Seriously?  Is this really any different than Britney Spears getting married at 18?  

People are mortified.

I'm ecstatic!

Oh, remember the fun of Britney's wedding?  The matching sweatsuits for the family?  The groomsmen wearing tracksuits that said "Pimps."  Dying her hair from Blonde to Brunette because there are "too many blondes."  

Now we get to Miley.  She's total Britney nutso BEFORE getting married.  She's a druggie, she runs around without a bra on, she can't form a coherent sentence.

Can you just imagine Miley's wedding?  

A redneck wedding in the backwoods of Tennessee.  Probably Kegs in the woods, streamers in the trees, the bride wearing a tank top and skirt, boobs hanging out, Y'all and all.

I can't wait to see the mess this girl is going to make of this wedding.

Bring it on!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ceremonies and growing up

Tonight was the boys' bridging ceremony.  They bridged from Tigers to Wolves.

The last week has been a week of growing up for my babies.  They "graduated" first grade and will be going into 2nd grade in the fall.  And now they've moved to Wolves.

Every time something like this happens, I get teary-eyed, thinking of how fast the boys are growing up.  It seems like only yesterday, I was putting them into pre-K, putting them into daycare.  

I think the one big reason that I'm so proud of the boys is that Jamie has never felt the need for friends. He's been happy to play by himself.  When school started this year, he got the Boy Scouts bug.  He wanted to be a scout so bad, that's all he talked about.

I had to move heaven and earth to get him into a pack, because the first pack disintegrated, and then problems finding one that would take him.  It broke my heart the night he cried saying that boy scouts didn't want him.  I resolved to get him in.

Jamie usually gets bored, but he made it through a whole year, and he's excited about becoming a wolf next year.  My anti-social baby did great this year.  I think I'm so proud of him for making it through the year, finishing it, wanting to continue it.

Congratulations my 2nd grade wolves, mommy loves you.