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Friday, October 12, 2012

The nasty P word: Politics

I've always gone by the belief that you do not discuss politics or religion on the internet.  There are way too many people out there, with way too many views, and it's only going to cause arguments.  Maybe part of the reason was that I was young, and didn't know what I was talking about, so it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt.

Then 2008 happened.  For the first time, I was REALLY interested in politics.  Barack Obama called to me. He said things I felt, he didn't believe the rich people should rule the world, that the middle and lower classes have as much right to education, liberty, a voice, an existence as everyone else.

2008 was an interesting year in our family.  I was firmly Obama.  Even went out to buy a sign to put in my yard.  My father was McCain all the way. I think I even cried when the results came in.  For all that I said above, I was also proud that our country was able to look at substance, at brains, at ideas and vote for an African American.  African Americans who weren't allowed to use the same drinking fountain as white folks 40 years ago.  It made me proud and optimitistic.

Now its 2012.  I've grown up even more.  I have children going to school, I see the education they get. I see how hard teachers work to teach our children with very little money.  I have two children on the spectrum who desperately need Medicare help but can't get it because of bureacracy.

And the thing I'm most disappointed in, is that once again, West Virginia will vote for the Republican.  Why? Some of it is racist, but some of it is the credos that have been drilled into their heads since they were children.  The Government wants to take our guns away from us! They want to tell me what I can and cannot do!

And to all those West Virginians who vote for Romney, I'm disappointed.  I live in this state.  I see families where people are working 2 to 3 jobs, some full-time at both, to put food on their table.  Who still, after working 80 hours a week, need Food stamps and WIC.  Who have to apply for reduced lunches for their kids. Who's kids can't participate in Boy Scouts or sports because of the cost of equipment.  Parents with children on the spectrum who desperately need help to care for their children.  Parents who don't have health insurance and pray to God they don't get sick.

My mother died because she had no health insurance.  She couldn't go anywhere to be seen by heart doctors, to be under their care, to get prescriptions.  Yes, she could have ran to the Emergency room everytime she had a mini heart-attack and then not paid.  But she was too proud to do that.  She also saw people who didn't have insurance being left in the hallways for 13+ hours waiting for care being pushed down another notch when someone with insurance showed up.

My sons are on the spectrum.  They need Medicare.  Jamie hasn't seen a dentist since he was 2 because he needs to be sedated for cleanings, who at two years old had to be sedated and have baby root canals done. And after medical and dental insurance, I still had a $2000 bill to pay.  I have a child who is growing ever more violent and needs help, but can't get a Medicare voucher because there are so many kids on the waiting list, we're told we have to wait for people to move or die.

And I see Mitt Romney talking to his rich friends, who could afford $50K a plate dinners to listen to him talk who call you, the working people who still need Food stamps lazy and parasites on society.  You, who work  hard to put a roof over your family's heads and still needs assistance, a parasite and lazy.  That you don't really need insurance, you can just go to the emergency room when you're ill.  Try that approach.  They won't see you after the 1st time you bail on a bill. You'll be driving to every hospital in existence doing that.

Those of us who have worked hard for our employers, only for them to ship our jobs off to South America and India and Europe because it's cheaper, leaving us jobless.  We're parasites looking for a hand out.

This is a candidate and an ideology that believes you are lazy and you think the world owes you something.  Who blatantly and with a smile on their faces tell you that if you elect them, they will take away what tiny safety net you have.  Will take away your access to food, housing, insurance, and education.

While growing up, my father said alot of things that I thought were hokey and stupid.  But as I face an election weeks away, can I really look my children in the eyes and tell them I voted for a candidate, for a party, that believes that we don't matter and we should know our place?
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