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Thursday, October 11, 2012

There are no more FUN stupid horror movies anymore

It's Halloween!! My favorite time of the year. This is the time of the year every channel hauls out their horror movies (Syfy is doing a whole month of all-day horror movies), specials on vampires and werewolves, everyone and their mother goes looking for ghosts or has a story about encountering a ghost, even the History Channel gets into the spirit by doing shows about witches and folklore.

I have been on Netflix watching almost every horror movie they have, and I have to say I'm extremely disappointed in horror movies nowadays.

Yes, I know that at this point there are very few, if any, original plot lines. Cabin in the Woods was different, because it WAS different. It wasn't the typical teenage slasher. Of course I think having Joss Whedon is the reason it was a different kind of movie.

Which brings me back to why this post is flooding through my fingers like crazy....

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, man and dinosaur played catch, when there were only five television stations (including the local PBS one), when TV actually showed TV, when MTV stood for MUSIC Television....

Remember when the networks would go off the air at 1AM and as teens we would moan during the summer? Our local Fox station would stay on all night on Friday and Saturday nights showing "The Three Stooges." Because of the lack of syndicated shows, they'd show movies in the afternoon on weekends as well.

That was when the off-the-wall, over-the-top cheese movies would be shown. For years I told hubby about one of my favorites called Student Bodies. To say this movie was bad was an understatement. If anyone remembers, it had the serial killer wearing rubber boots throughout the movie. If you haven't seen it, you must find it and watch it... CLASSIC.

Another one of those stupid movies was Jack Frost. No, not the Jack Frost with Michael Keaton in it, although that's a whole level of scary in itself. But this one was about a homicidal snow man. It's currently available on Netflix, go watch it.

My father just responded that it was one of the stupidest movies he's seen. And that was the JOY of that movie. Having a serial killer become a snow man, who would melt, slip under doors and then reform, having the Sheriff holding him off with a hair dryer... GREAT stuff!!

You will never hear me say these are classics that stand the test of time because of great acting, a great story, or anything like it. But these movies I remember 20+ years later because they were campy, cheesy, ORIGINAL.

I miss those types of movies.

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  1. The games focused more on creating a constant sense of skin crawling nightmarish dread, giving the gamer the feeling that around any corner, through every door or window, there's some hellish abomination just waiting to tear your face off and wear it as a jock strap! The movie has failed here which is unfortunate because they succee. super scary movies