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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Memories are long when you insult people

This post could be about a multitude of things.  But this one is personal.

I enter alot of blog contests, alot.  I am unemployed, and sometimes I win something that will benefit the family, pay for the boys' birthday presents, give me books to feed my book addiction without having to buy them all, etc.

I read the terms listed on the blogs for giveaways, and follow them.

I've recently gotten into Lilla Rose.  I'm in love with the Flexi Clip.  I won one in a contest, and that set me off.  I've spent ALOT of money on Lilla Rose Flexi-clips.  Half my relatives got them for Christmas, and I have a pretty good collection in clips I've bought, won, gotten as hostess gifts, etc.

In December, I won two flexi clips.  When I entered the contests, they said nothing about you cannot have an account with another consultant.  I was signed up under a few consultants, one consultant even twice.  Most contests require you to sign up for their party in order to be eligible.  At no time, did they say you can't be listed under more than one consultant.  Heck, if there was a problem, wouldn't Lilla Rose have not allowed me to sign up under multiple consultants with the same email address?

I've continued to enter contests, but have noticed terms stating if you've won from that consultant before, you can't win, or if you're signed up under a particular consultant, you can't enter the contest.  When I read those terms, I don't enter the contest.  

Recently I asked one of the consultants if they knew why a clip I won hadn't come yet.  She said she'd check on Monday.  It was then that I got a scathing email that I am still upset about two weeks later.  

I was told that I was scamming the system by having emails listed under multiple consultants.  That my name has been frozen with Lilla Rose, and how I lied to the consultant when I didn't tell her I was signed up under another consultant.  

  1. I didn't KNOW you shouldn't have accounts with more than one consultant.  I have multiple accounts for most direct sales companies (Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Avon, Tupperware, etc.) because if multiple friends sell, I want to buy from them all.  There was NOTHING saying you weren't allowed to be signed up under more than one consultant.
  2. The consultant that I am closest with, talked to the people at Lilla Rose, and they weren't accusing me of scamming the system.  The consultant simply needed to pay for the clip out of her pocket (with the 30% discount she gets), and there would have been no problem.

I find it insulting to be called a liar, to be accused of scamming a system when there was no intent to.  The rules were followed, I promoted their name every day for weeks at a time.  And to be told in no uncertain terms that I am a liar and she refuses to fulfill her obligation to give me a flexi clip for free.

I will remember this consultant's name forever, and will make it a point to never purchase anything from her.  I will be sure to tell my friends not to purchase from this consultant as well.  

And to show that I do patronize consultants who I have won things from, I've purchased three flexi-clips in the last 2 weeks.  One of those orders could have been yours, but never will be.

When you run are a direct sales consultant, you base your business on word of mouth.  The consultant who is friendly and nice, gets business.  The one who sends out scathing emails accusing people of being a liar, will not, and will receive word of mouth of being a bad consultant.  

There are alot of consultants for Lilla Rose.  Ask around before you patronize a consultant, look for one that goes above and beyond for her customers, not one that accuses people of scamming the system to get out of paying $15 to fulfill a prize commitment.

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