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Thursday, July 31, 2014

GISHWHES 2014 - Team #USSDestiel

Local team competes for GISHWHES 2014 August 2-9, 2014
Charles Town, WV – July 30, 2014 -- The 5th Annual GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) is starting this weekend, August 2, and will run until midnight on Saturday, August 9.  This year a local team, Team #USSDestiel, will be competing in the international event. Teams consist of 15 people and are comprised of members from all over the Globe.  Last year more than 14,000 people from 69 countries participated in the event.
During the Scavenger Hunt, teams are given a long list of hundreds of tasks to accomplish, with points being awarded for creativity and execution of items. Money raised from the hunt goes directly to Mr. Collins’ charity, Random Acts. 

“We are very excited to be participating in the hunt this year,” says Team Captain, Jennifer Irving.  “Misha’s tasks can be quite challenging, but the idea of the hunt is to get out of our comfort zones and do something that’s NOT normal.”

In past years, tasks have included creating clothing from food, dressing up your car for prom, or having a tea party in an elevator.  Tasks also include larger-scale items such as flash mobs, large pillow fights, and having marching bands performing while spelling out GISHWHES, or having local sanitation workers wear costumes while on their route.  Some tasks have even included items such as having your picture taken next to a particle accelerator or having a member of Congress wear a sock monkey hat.

Not all tasks are silly, though. Previous items have included giving coats to homeless shelters, getting kids to clean up trash on the beach, keeping someone company during dialysis treatment and other exercises that help people in our community.

“Last year’s winning team had the support of businesses and media in Seattle, to help them achieve tasks, and I’m convinced that the people of DC could help push our team over the top,” says teammate Sarah Brennan.

Team #USSDestiel would like to invite as many people as possible to get involved by coming out to participate in tasks the week of August 2-9.  The team will be updating their Twitter account to keep people up to date on challenges they’re competing, or putting out calls for help.  You can keep up with their progress at http://www.twitter.com/TeamUSSDestiel.

 For more information on the event in general, you can visit the GISHWHES site at http://www.gishwhes.com or Random Acts at http://therandomact.org

Contact Name:  Jennifer@mill-irving
Contact Phone:  703-969-5292