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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review: Play Dead by Annie Frasier

Title:  Play Dead
Author:  Annie Frasier
Publication Date:  February 25, 2014

Book Description
No one is more familiar with Savannah's dark side than homicide detective and native resident Elise Sandburg. She's been haunted for years by her own mysterious past: she was abandoned as a baby in one of the city's ancient cemeteries, and it's rumored that she is the illegitimate daughter of an infamous Savannah root doctor. The local Gullah culture of voodoo and magic is one that few outsiders can understand, least of all Elise's new partner. Now someone is terrorizing the city, creating real-life zombies by poisoning victims into a conscious paralysis that mimics death. As the chilling case unfolds, Elise is drawn back into the haunted past she's tried so hard to leave behind.

Book Review:  3 out of 5 stars

I'm one of those strange people who love zombies, hoodoo, and New Orleans history and mythology.  This book promised to give me all of that. 
I won't say it failed miserably, but it left me very disappointed by the end.  I'm a simple girl too, lots of time gaps bother me, along with constantly changing the point of view with the story.  Sometimes it can be fine effectively, but in this book, it was done way to frequently, and sometimes it took me a page or so to figure out the POV had changed.
I also think there were to many characters for the author to write about, and still be able to flesh out and give us a reason to care.  There were too many back stories that could have been better developed, and frankly, the whole "Who is Elise's mother" thing wasted time that could have been reserved to make the story more complete.  I did like the characters, but the author made them so complex, that really they needed a whole book devoted just to the character's back story, not crammed into the story.  

Because of this, the story really isn't so much a story. It was more of a character story with a crime story crammed in where it could be.  

Lots of people enjoyed this story, but the problems I saw in it, distracted me too much to get into the book.

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