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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Review – Stop Giving It Away by Cherilynn Veland

Title:  Stop Giving It Away: How to Stop Self-Sacrificing and Start Claiming Your Space, Power, and Happiness
Author:  Cherilynn Veland
Publication Date:  May 17, 2015

Book Description
Being caring and compassionate is important―but too many women allow the weight of others’ needs to press so hard on them that they find they often fail to speak up for what they want and need. And women do this all the time. It’s time for these women to stop worrying quite so much about everyone else―and start taking care of themselves

Book Review:  5 out of 5 stars

Finally a self-help book that explains what the heck I’ve been struggling with for 6 years!!  I’ve been In therapy for 2 years, and I think it allowed me to think about what Ms. Veland says with a bit more understanding than I would have approached it six years ago.

I like that the tone of the book is like one that you would get in therapy.  She breaks down the ideas and explains them to you, even informally.  She doesn’t use a medical dictionary with hard to understand concepts, which I feel is something that has put me off self-help books in the past.
Even after going through therapy, things didn’t make complete sense to me, until I read this book.  I realized my childhood and events that happened six years ago pushed me to a breaking point.  I knew something had happened, but didn’t understand what. 
And for this alone, it’s worth the price of admission folks.  To finally get an idea of why you think and feel the way you do, and how to get around those thoughts, how to finally dig out from the hole you’ve pushed yourself into is amazing.

I’ve been so moved by this book, I’m taking the action items, and even little throw-away tips Ms. Veland gives you throughout the book and have started using them in my journaling and using them for further inflection during my daily workouts.

As a mother of two children with Special Needs, I know the stress we’re under, the sacrifices we make, the way we’re left feeling, and I truly believe that every ASD mom/dad should read this!

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