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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Be careful what you post

There's a big hoopla going on in the blogging world amongst the women bloggers about a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, by a female, about how women use conferences as an excuse to get out of the house and party and tie it up in a pretty ribbon, saying it's work.

I know female bloggers.  I know how hard they work. I know they work almost 24/7, interacting with readers, creating relationships with other bloggers and media organizations.

However, the women bloggers do seem to bring this on themselves.  

Have you been on twitter during BlogHer?  For an entire weekend, the twitter-sphere is inundated with bloggers talking about how so and so is feeding them free breakfast and lunch, and dinner. So and so is giving them sodas and food. And don't forget the whole Chris Mann thing, where women were raving like lovesick teenagers over him and he's making a living going to women's conferences to perform for women.

Every company has a hotel suite where there's a party that everyone attends to pick up swag.  They go on and on about all the swag they get.  They even have giveaways after the conference giving away some of the swag they got because it was so much.

While you may make those contacts during the conference.  You network with companies and other bloggers...  YOU make it sound like a 4 day party where you are pampered the whole time.  You make it sound like a party vacation.

I won't pretend to act like men are saints at conferences.  That men don't drink the whole time. That men don't use it as an excuse to get laid. 

BUT, they're not tweeting about being drunk, being wined and dined, partying all weekend.


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