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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twilight Fan dies at Comic Con

I may sound mean, hard-hearted, or uncaring, but....

This whole Twilight fan who was killed at Comic Con today bugs the hell out of me.  Summit says they're going to do a tribute at the Twilight panel for this woman.

1. This woman was 53 years old.
2. This woman died jaywalking.

She walked out, against the light, into traffic and tripped in front of a car and got hit.  At 53, she should really know how to cross a damn street already.

3. While she was there to wait in line for the Twilight panel, she wasn't IN the line when it happened.  

Why the heck do they have to do a tribute to her at the panel?  An old lady who routinely spends days standing in lines to get pictures with the Twilight cast, running out in the middle of traffic.

I feel bad for her family, but maybe if she spent five minutes waiting for the light to turn before hurling herself into traffic to get a space in a line for 4 days from now, she'd still be alive.

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