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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Presidents, can you name them all in order?

I've talked before about Jamie and his fascination with presidents.  He knows them by name and number.  He's recently started memorizing which years they served.

He's always been interested in Abraham Lincoln.  Friday night we watched a show from the History Channel about his Lincoln's assassination.  Something a 30 year old would be interested in, but not a 7 year old.  He sat there for the whole hour watching raptly.

today at Antietam, there was a booklet about John Wilkes Booth.  He grabbed it up.  Apparently they have a tour where you can go visit his escape route.  Jamie is very interested in it.

I love how interested he is in this stuff.  This boy is going to be smarter than me before he's 12.

Iain, he had fun at the battlefield, but would have preferred to just run around yelling.  We've decided he would have been great shouting orders to the regiments. 

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