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Friday, September 7, 2012

Stupid is as Stupid Does: Kristen Stewart Backlash

There was an article on The Huffington Post about the backlash that Kristen Stewart has received since publicly cheating on Robert Pattinson. You can read that article here. I, frankly, believe that this article is a load of crap. She is not being picked on because she's a woman. Kristen Stewart is being picked on because she cheated on Robert Pattinson. The same way we all hate Kobe Bryant, Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, we don't like cheaters. Maybe Rupert isn't getting picked on as badly because no one knows who the hell he is. But I bet in his inner circle, he's getting plenty of blame. Yes, she's 22, but she's not a baby, she's not naive to show business, she wasn't preyed on by her boss. She was a grown woman, who at any point could have said no. And the fact that MONTHS after shooting the movie was over, when he had no "boss" ties to her, she was STILL climbing in cars and making out with him. She's also a serial cheater. She cheated on her boyfriend of like 7 years with Robert Pattinson. I had no grand illusions that their relationship would make it past the release of Breaking Dawn 2, but really... sleeping with everyone you make a movie with? And, she's not an idiot. She's followed everywhere. Did she really think making out in PUBLIC in a car wasn't going to get caught. After what happened, can you really blame the production company from wanting her nowhere near the franchise? All people will talk about is "I wonder who she'll sleep with on this set." And the author talks about Chris Brown getting off scot-free after beating Rhianna. Does anyone really believe that? He's booed, people have refused to work with him. He'll never live that down, nor should he. We're not teaching girls that they can't be themselves, that they can't chose the lifestyle they want to. This is reaction to a grown woman having an affair with a married man, and cheating on her boyfriend at the same time. The boyfriend who has shown nothing but class all the way through this. He's been trotted out to every reporter in the world to promote a movie that has nothing to do Kristen Stewart, and she cheats on him publicly two weeks before. There'a that huge elephant in the room that he has to battle at every interview. And has he called her a trampire? Trashed her name? No, he's been a gentleman and kept it private. One of the comments, by tbrookside, on this article I think summed things up perfectly. "The problem with this post is that the abuse directed at Stewart CAN'T be the result of a patriarchal war on women...because men don't give a shit. You know who's mad at Stewart? Pattinson's contingent of middle-aged onanist housewives. They love Pattinson, and are outraged that Stewart "hurt him". And their outrage is doubled because Stewart cheated with a middle-aged married man. That's it. Nothing else is at play here. Men either don't care, or are pro-Stewart. Every last man over the age of 30 who hears this story LIKES STEWART MORE after they hear it, on the principle, "Hey, if she'll hook up with that 40is director it strongly implies that I'VE got a shot." The problem here isn't patriarchy. It's women who feel sexually threatened by a younger woman who doesn't respect their territorial claims.'

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  1. I'm really saddened to read that someone who is a mother of children with special needs can be so vicious towards another human being. I have several family members with special needs children, and all of them have been made much more compassionate by the experience. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case with you.

    You have a right to your feelings but you also assume many things about Kristen that have not been proven, and bash her for them. Maybe you should think about what it feels like when people assume things about you, or stereotype your children based only on what they have "heard" about children with Aspergers and ADHD.

    Your harshness in judging someone without having all the facts makes you a bully; the same type of person I'm sure you try to protect your kids from. That might be something to consider the next time you think about spewing your vitriol about a person and situation you know nothing about.


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