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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Children in South Africa

My family thinks I'm weird.  I love watching the Documentary Channel.  I love learning about people, societies, the way people live...

Tonight I'm watching a documentary called "Children of Fire."  The story centers around a woman from Great Britain that gave up her life to start up a charity in South Africa to help children who have been injured in fires.  They say 1 in 9 children are killed in fires.  Houses in South Africa uses Parafin cookstoves.  It's so easy for a mother to cook something, turn around for a second, and the stove getting knocked down and POW, the house explodes in fire.  

The documentary shows children who have been severely burned.  Their bodies are 80-90% burned.  Many of them have lost limbs, multiple limbs, and are blind, have no noses,ears, etc.

It is so sad.  These are babies.  They've already had to deal with losing their families and homes, and then also the pain of recovering from being so badly burned. No where to go, no one to help. Being bullied by other children because of deformities they can't help.

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